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Batter up! The Step2 Home Run Baseball Trainer is a stand-alone sports trainer that helps kids practice their baseball skills.

Home Run Baby: A Sports Romance

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    “Welcome to Home Run Baseball Camp. Our coaches, who are mostly former campers, have been working together for 24 years to give every child a safe, fun and challenging place to play ball. You can expect my team and I to treat your child with respect and consideration in a safe, nurturing environment. The way you play the game and treat others counts at my camp, and I encourage and expect my returning campers to include new players in all aspects of camp. I am at camp every day and am always available to speak with parents. The two things I’m most proud of in 24 years is we have only been to the emergency room four times with player injuries and we have honored every request for a need based full scholarship. I guarantee your satisfaction and will offer a refund no questions asked if you are not. This will be another great year at Home Run Baseball Camp! Keep swinging for the fences – on and off the field.”

  • In the past, I’ve done a few Let’s Watch posts about ‘s baserunning. This is because Billy Hamilton is probably the best baserunner in baseball, so some of the things he’s able to do are extraordinary. I know we’ve all gotten used to it — one of the great shames of existence is how quickly we get used to certain things — but Hamilton is legitimately amazing, regardless of whether he ever hits. is the Mike Trout of baseball, but Billy Hamilton is the Mike Trout of the running-the-bases part.

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