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You can also get more Best Buy reward zone points by downlonading the mobile app and checking into the store each time you go there.

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  • So you have some decision making to do at this point. Which program suits your needs best? More than likely you are not talking about a lot of points to move over. For example, we only have 65 Best Buy Reward Zone points from this year, which can be converted to:

    Over the course of the past couple of months, we have earned a total of 65 Best Buy Reward Zone points. It is far from a page turner, but considering it did not cost us anything but a little time, it can be worth it as we will show you below.

  • One other thing to keep in mind as we go through the next year. Start early earning points in all of these programs. The perfect example is with the US Airways Grand Slam promotion, which has run every September to November. Having the flexibility of points in other programs can earn you lots of free or really cheap hits towards earning mountains of free Dividend Miles. For example, I was able to convert some points in other programs, including the Best Buy Reward Zone points, into Dividend Miles, earning us some free hits in the process.

    This year we decided to start earning Best Buy Reward Zone points not because we shop there, but because we can earn free points currently in the Audience Rewards program by answering some simple questions. In case you are not aware of the Audience Rewards program and the many benefits they offer by purchasing your Broadway tickets through them, please check out our page located at the top of the site. Have you been earning Best Buy Reward Zone points along with us?

  • Reward Zone points are deducted from an account if an item is returned. This doesn’t apply for exchanges – points remain the same – but it does apply to merchandise bought both online and in the store. Once you have reached a level of points that will allow you to redeem them for a gift certificate, simply call the 800 number on the back of your card and order the gift certificate. They usually take about six weeks to arrive.

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However, you can earn 25% more Reward Zone points for any purchase once you become a Reward Zone Premier Silver Member after spending $2500 at Best Buy.