The Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 was put up for sale on a French website.

In this episode, we touch a bit on the “Color Splash” series and talk about the Revonix 360.

Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 Blaster

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  • I also wanted to quickly touch base on the two blasters that kinda stole the show for many of the other guests in attendance. There were four “shooting galleries” setup this year; obviously the Centurion, the Elite RapidStrike, the Vortex Revonix 360 and the much awaited Rebelle line of blasters. It was a great opportunity to get our hands on these other blasters that we have been seeing online for quite some time now and run them through their paces.

    The Revonix360 is to go on sale in the Fall of this year, with a projected price of $39.99. This puts it up near, if not at, the top of the series in terms of price and performance.

  • Le pistolet lance-disques Revonix 360 est le plus puissant de la gamme! Il tire à plus de 20 m! Une capacité de stockage de 30 disques pour des tirs en rafale! La crosse est ajustable et le chargeur est rotatif!

    Gun launcher discs Revonix 360 is the most powerful of the range! It takes more than 20 m! A storage capacity of 30 records for firing burst! The stock is adjustable and the charger is rotating!

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    Check out our Nerf Vortex Revonix 360 video review and demo below. This product is for ages 8+. Notice how far each disc launches into the air. They are literally flying across our entire backyard! And being able to fire 30 times in a row before stopping to reload is a huge bonus.

Vortex Pyragon vs Revonix 360 - Nerf Socom

The Revonix360 is advertised with a firing range of seventy feet, and promises to be as reliable as other blasters of the Vortex line. However, users should be aware that Vortex blasters have a tendency to curve their shots to the left or right, due to the fact that the discs are fired by spinning them. This curve is consistent with every shot, so once the shooter adapts to it they should find the blaster to be remarkably accurate.