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Revell 1:48 P - 51D Mustang

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  • There are some minor dimensional differences between the Hasegawa and Revell kits, and the dihedral of Revell's outer wings is flatter than Hasegawa's. After checking many photos, I think that the correct dihedral at rest might be somewhere between the two. If you want to add a degree or so of dihedral, though, the surgery will not be too difficult.

    Several jet and propeller aeroplane models followed along with ships (classic and contemporary), jet engines and in the late 1950s, rockets and spacecraft. This included models of Redstone and other military test missiles and Vanguard, Jupiter and Atlas rockets. Other issues, like the Helios "Nuclear" powered ship, "Moon Ship", a "Passenger Rocket", a "Space Taxi", and a not-so-incredible "Space Shuttle" were kits more in the science fiction realm. Several of these kits featured illustrations of and booklets by Willy Ley, who popularized space flight at this time (for example, see Ley 1957). One site describes the one-time 1959 issue of an envisioned space station as the "Holy Grail" of Revell kits (Old Model, 2005-2014). Infantry figures and various dioramas, especially for railroad setups, were also produced.

  • Unless you are an experienced modeler read the manual and follow all of the directions. Before you start painting you should test paint on some old plastic part to see how it looks when applied. When using plastic cement, paints or thinner, work in a well ventilated place. And finally, be patient. Revell model kits have many small parts that need to be assembled together. If you will follow the instructions you can expect to build a realistic model that will get a lot of attention.

    Due to the wider variety of form and historical context compared to civilian vehicles, the military vehicles are very popular Revell model kits. One of such models is a M4 Sherman Tank - member of the the Sherman family of armored vehicles which was the mainstay of the allied armored forces in World War II. It is available in popular scale 1/32.

    Revell Easykits
    Revell Easykits

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    Looking for anew fun hobby for you and your kids to enjoy? Revell Model kits have been around since 1945. Building a Revell model kit can be rewarding and satisfying adventure for you and your kids. No matter what type of kit you enjoy, there are plenty to choose from such as airplanes, boats, cars and trucks.

Dip Powder Starter Kit - RevelNail

Looking for top quality Revell model kits? Smart decision, with a little patience you can build a realistic model that will get a lot of attention.