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Teen Red Ranger Bodysuit Costume

Official Red Power Ranger Morphsuit Fancy Dress Costume - size Xlarge - 5"10-6"1 (176cm-185cm)

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  • Are you feeling Mighty Morphin? Want to save the world? Right, well first you'll need the Power Rangers - Red Ranger Morphsuit. This extremely comfortable costume is great for throwing shapes! Shapes, not people. If you are not up to the task of saving our planet, then how about just dressing up in this awesome fancy dress costume, just for the hell of it?

    This is our first look at the suits in action outside of the first look images released by Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago. The Red Ranger suit honestly looks a lot better in these photos than it does in the reveal photo. The next question is, what will the Putty Patrollers look like? Of course the ones seen here are actors in motion capture suits.

  • These action shots give us our BEST look yet at the new Red Ranger suit– and proves that these ARE physical costumes, not purely digital effects as some fans have speculated.

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