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  • Drag the pieces to complete a mosaic puzzle of Red and Green Hulk! The two superheroes are in the throes of battle. You must reveal the finished image, which is reminiscent of movie posters and comic book pages. View the background to see where missing pieces fit!

    Due out September 24th, this is looking to be the final showdown between Red Hulk and Green Hulk. As usual I’ll start with the covers, it will be another 50/50 print, similar to Hulk #4, check it out below. Once again I think EDEX have done a fantastic job here, I tend to like the smaller heads of the McGuiness Hulk, and the facial expressions are great! Aside from the color alone, you can really see the difference between the two characters in their faces.

  • This Green Hulk is Super Duper Nice. Red and Green Hulk in hand, Grey Hulk coming soon. I was lucky and got all 3 Exclusive Editions....these things sold out in a few days. I have the Gladiator Hulk and King Hulk. Maybe its time to get a bigger place. This art is HUGE. Loving IT!!!

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