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Snap Circuits R/C Snap Rover Electronics Discovery Kit

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  • The Elenco RC Snap Circuits Rover is a radio-controlled set on wheels! The four-wheeled chassis sports two 128:1 gear trains, an LED headlight, a horn, and a radio-controlled (RC) transmitter. The left and right motors can be controlled independently, and the clear chassis lets you see the gears in action.

    Kids today are smarter than ever (isn’t that the same with each new generation?), but how do you do your best to equip them when it comes to facing the future which will surely be even deeper into the world of electronics than where we are today? Well, ThinkGeek has thought up of a solution – the that will introduce them to the world of robots and artificial intelligence, exposing them to what could possibly be the future SkyNet that rains death on mankind should it ever attain self-consciousness. The RC Snap Circuits Rover comes with a bunch of capacitors, resistors, and wires that will attach to the large plastic base via easy button snaps. It is easy to configure different circuit diagrams while picking up the basics of electronics, where a wireless 27 mHz multi-channel remote control will help you control the RC Snap Circuits Rover from afar as long as it is within range. You can bring this puppy home for today and prepare Junior to be the next John Connor.

  • The RC Snap Circuits Rover comes with a printed (3MB pdf) and color-coded, snap-together parts that make circuit building easy. The manual has 23 circuit projects that all feature a color diagram of the circuit, an educational objective, step-by-step assembly instructions, and a description of what the assembled circuit should do. No tools are required for circuit assembly. The rover needs six AA batteries and the transmitter needs one 9-volt battery to operate; batteries are required but not included. The product box suggests that the Snap Circuits Rover is appropriate for people ages 8 – 108.

Building a working vehicle is a snap with this colorful rover kit