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Uncle Milton Rainbow in My Room

Rainbow In My Room Tabletop Décor Night Light Projector

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  • The Rainbow In My Room Nightlight shines a rainbow onto a wall, and lights up extremely bright! You’ll need some AA batteries, or if you’re electrically savvy, an adapter cord. Then you can just power it with your house power and then be ridiculed by all of your for being non-efficient when you’re compared to adjacent houses in your electrical bill.

    The Rainbow In My Room Nightlight is around , but is a super geeky night light that would be great for any child from the stages of infancy to the middle ages. You usually have a wife to scare away the monster, but if you’re still afraid, or if you happened to marry a woman that doesn’t look like one of the Gorgons, you should pick up one of these babies.

  • kids bedroomsAlthough we're not entirely sure how rainbows are formed we do know kids adore them. And that's why we've been searching for a way to recreate them indoors. Regrettably, despite seconds of experimentation, our in-house boffins have proven utterly useless, so thanks heavens for Rainbow In My Room.

    The Rainbow In My Room Nightlight is for the mini geeks who are still afraid of the monster hiding under their bed. How many times have we told them that the monster won’t hurt them? We made a deal: if you scare the kid, then we stop feeding you sandwiches.

    Rainbow In My Room
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    Mode switchAs well as a handy auto shut-off mode, Rainbow In My Room features two modes, so you can see your rainbow immediately or watch it illuminate one colour at a time. It really is a gorgeous way to brighten up bedrooms. What's more the unit itself looks pretty darn sleek and will joosh up any surface.

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Now with the Rainbow In My Room you can come ever closer to finding your fortune! Simply turn it on and your room is filled with your very own personal rainbow!