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  • The rainforest frog is a colorful and extremely cute little creature that lives, as its name suggests, in the rainforest. Follow this easy tutorial to learn how to draw one!

    In the world of medicine, many animal and insect-derived drugs and treatments have been employed throughout time. Maggots, leeches, venomous insects and a variety of reptiles have been used medicinally. Among these, one animal medicine whose use persists today among Amazonian native people is sapo frog. Known by the latin name Phyllomedusa bicolor, this rainforest frog also goes by the tribal monikers Kambo, Kampo, and Sapo verde, and is found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and the Guianas.

  • Rainforest frogs are the most diverse of all amphibians. There are 4,000 different frog species spread across 25 families living in all of the word’s habitats except polar regions.

    Rainforest frogs are particularly diverse and vary a lot in size from the tiny northern nursery frog () of the Australian Wet Tropics to the largest frog on Earth, the goliath frog () that lives in the African rainforest of Camaroon and Equatorial Guinea. Goliath frogs grow to an impressive 32 cm with a weight of 3.3 kg.

    All tropical rainforest frogs are meat eaters, eating most things they can fit in their mouths. Another universal frog fact is that they all lay eggs, and lay them in various locations. They can be in leaf litter, on moist objects close to water, or in their own stomach in the case of the potentially extinct platypus frogs ().



    One of the favourite rainforest frogs, rainforest tree frogs can often surprise you as you clamber your way through the undergrowth. You can often look up to see some friendly eyes overhanging a leaf. In the Australia Rainforest you may see the attractive orange-thighed tree frog with its slender green, orange, and yellow legs with a lime green body.

    Tree frogs have grooved disks on the tips of their fingers and toes so they can stick onto leaves, but in Australia many tree frogs actually lack these disks and live on the ground. One of the many interesting tree frogs in the Amazon Rainforest is the attractive glass tree frog (, pictured above). These are a 4 cm frog you can usually find in flooded forest and they are a common species of the .

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Rain Forest Frog painted digitally over rain on a pond in Southern Michigan. Photography, Photoshop, and pen tool painting all employed to create...