When I received R2D2, 2 words come into my mind..unbelievably fast (

In the video for the latest update, you can see R2D2, Chewie, and Bossk in action. Check it out:

Star Wars Classic - 20" (31" scale) R2-D2

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  • Star Wars - 9" Talking R2D2 Plush

    This fantastic Star Wars 8.75" plush recreation of everyone's favourite droid R2-D2 is set to be a spectacular hit with fans of the ever expansive Star Wars franchise!

    When pressed, sqeezed or hugged R2-D2 emmits his trademark whistling noise.

    R2D2 is my favorite character in the STAR WARS and this 6th scale collectible of him is so incredible. You can pose him in most positions youve seen in the films. All his extras are super awesome, truly a delight to bring him to life. A MUST for any R2 Fan! The price you cant beat honestly.

  • I bought the Sideshow Exclusive statue. Great detail in all of the accessories and R2D2 himself. The diorama table and accessories justify the cost of the figure. I really am pleased with my purchase. Now if only C3PO would ship some time soon. lol

    The R2D2 tank, though fabulous, is a bit more subtle than this option. If you are REALLY looking to start a conversation and declare your fandom, this awesome Star Wars dress must find its way into your wardrobe. It’s basically Andy Warhol meets R2D2. What’s not to love? It’s also pretty perfect for the comic convention near you.

    R2D2 (AKA Artoo Deetoo) [official site | source]

  • Advanced Command #2 - Come Here Also in Companion Mode, if you say "Come Here," Interactive R2D2 will attempt to find you and come to you. Since this feature relies on R2's heat sensing technology, kneel down in front of Interactive R2D2. Interactive R2D2 may not come directly to you, but Interactive R2D2 will try and find you.

    Advanced Command #3 - Imperial March Song Interactive R2D2 plays up to 5 songs, but only the Cantina song is expressly mentioned in the Command Guide. To play the Imperial March, go to Character Mode by asking "Do You Remember." Ask Interactive R2D2 about Darth Vader and Anakin (in any order) and Interactive R2D2 will play the song.

    Advanced Command #4 - Sad Cantina Song Another song that Interactive R2D2 plays is actually a different version of the song he sings if you command him to do the dance program (in game mode). When Interactive R2D2 is in a sad mood, he will play a sad version of the Cantina song. There are many ways to put Interactive R2D2 into a sad mood. The easiest is in 'Do You Remember'. If you ask about Darth Vader, Interactive R2D2 will go into a sad mood. You can tell, because his mood status indicator will be red instead of blue.

    Advanced Command #5 - Celebration Song The Celebration Song is another one of the 5 songs that Interactive R2D2 plays and is not expressly mentioned in the Command Guide. To play the Celebration song, go to Character Mode by asking "Do You Remember." Ask Interactive R2D2 about Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker (in any order), and Interactive R2D2 will play the celebration song.

    Advanced Command #6 - A "Special Surprise" The final hidden gem for Interactive R2D2 really takes a little work, as well as really knowing your droid. Also First, have Interactive R2D2 turn on his light beam by saying "light beam." With his light beam on, tap Interactive R2D2 three times on the head, and then place him into Game Mode by telling Interactive R2D2 "Game Mode" and then "Dance program." Interactive R2D2 will have a special dance, just for you. When you ask 'Do you remember Darth Vadar?' he screams, then if you ask 'Do you remember Anakin?' he does the imperial march. The march is the secret one. When asked 'Do you remember Darth Vadar?' and 'Do you remember Han Solo?' and 'Do you remember Chewbacca?' in any order R2 will do the throne scene. If R2's laser light is on & you tap him on the head 3 times R2 will tango.

    Jason Holden described the work environment as “fun and relaxed.” The ambiance includes an R2D2 robot and other Star Wars memorabilia lining the walls, and visitors to the office at 427 S. Boston Ave. will find all kinds of “geek culture” items around the office.


The R2D2 Hash House Harriers is a social running club open to everyone. We run every week of the year in and around the Andover area, mostly from a local pub. In the summer months, we run at 7pm on Thursdays, while once it gets a bit darker (typically from mid-September) we run on Saturdays at 11am. A full list of our runs is available .