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WREBBIT 3D Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle (850 Piece)

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  • games were also made for and computers. Users first build the puzzle, which is a digital version of an existing 3D puzzle, by clicking and dragging the pieces. When completed, a fictional mystery must be solved taking place in that landmark. Four games were made for Windows and Mac. These are Puzz 3D: Neuschwanstein Bavarian Castle, Puzz 3D: , Puzz 3D: The , and Puzz 3D: . A fifth game was also made of The Lamplight Manor featuring a 3D tour when completed.

    The beauty of many 3-D puzzles is that they come with their own instructions. Those intricate Japanese are meant to be opened, but only by the owner, who can presumably keep the steps a secret. The same goes for many 3-D puzzles that are really more like wooden models of ships, buildings, or animals. Paul Gallant's 3-D jigsaw puzzles -- sold under the names of Wrebbit and Puzz3D -- don't come with step-by-step directions, but do include detailed diagrams of the finished puzzle from several angles and tips for locating corner pieces and "hidden" pieces whose location isn't clear from the pictures.

  • Typically, the structures released were famous , including the , , , and the . In addition to this, has also released science-fiction themed puzzles, such as the spacecraft from the film , and structures from legends such as 's at . Puzz 3D also released buildings of notable time periods, including a . In addition to these structures, they have also produced , such as the 1956 . Puzz 3D also released a puzzle based on , which allows for putting the puzzle together and then playing the game. The puzzles released also include a puzzle, which includes the area around the and the . This New York puzzle is set before the so the Twin Towers are included. This puzzle is Hasbro's largest, at 3141 pieces.

    Every wanted to build your own skyscraper, but were lacking the funds? Now's your chance! The amazing Puzz 3D Chrysler Building Puzzle gives you the chance to be a mogul in your own home, with a 278-piece puzzle that you build! It measures almost 22-inches high, but the challenge doesn't stop there. Bonus pieces are included so you can also build an American Radiator Building of your own, too. It's like being a famous real estate mogul, with none of the pesky tennants, when you build a puzzle with Puzz 3D! (Assuming you're aged 12 and up, of course.)

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  • Shopping for Hasbro Games Puzz 3D Puzzles items? Buy them at Entertainment Earth.

    Buy other Action Figures, Toys, Collectibles and Gifts at Entertainment Earth

    By 2006, all of the Puzz 3D puzzles had been discontinued, but in 2011, the Puzz 3D line was revitalized by Winning Solutions, Inc. Winning Solutions first released the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building, and released a model of in 2012. As of 2014, Hasbro has brought some of the old Puzz 3D line back into production (made in China) in the same boxes. A separate company Wrebbit3D, making new products along with some of the old line, has been created by some of the old Wrebbit staff.

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Parlez-vous le puzzle? If you grew up in France, you would know what that means, but for the rest of us we can just enjoy all things French like this nifty Puzz 3D Eiffel Tower Puzzle. For ages 12 and up, it provides 300 pieces backed by foam and an instruction sheet to help you build this most puzzling puzzle, which, when completed, is over two feet tall! How can you say no to a challenge this big? You can't. Accept your fate, and build this amazing Eiffel Tower replica today!