Nativity Puppet Glove Set

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  • KNITTED GLOVE PUPPETS EUR23. Knitted glove puppets with different beautiful patterns, home made. Different characters :rabbit(images 1 and 2,fox imgage 3 and wolf Here are some great Free Puppet Patterns for you to enjoy. For yourself or your children. Home; PuppetsNow Blog; Animal Puppets Finger Puppets Glove Puppets Plays and patterns for glove puppets by Walter Alexanda Marsh, 1955,Harrap edition, in English

    Oh my goodness! These are sure fun! I like the fire/flaming gloves and the monster puppet gloves. I can’t believe how many things you can do with these little white gloves!

  • Instant Download PDF Eighties Crochet Pattern to make Wild Zoo Animal Puppet Gloves Lion Tiger Zebra Mittens Boys Girls ages 4 to 10 years

    To get the peregrines back, in an ingenious but risky move, Tom removed baby peregrines from existing nests, established them on high-up spots like the top of the Con Ed building, and had them fed by hand, often with a puppet glove resembling an adult peregrine. I was lucky enough to accompany Marge to the top of the Twin Towers after a summer of hacking to look for her charges. No sooner had we reached the top than one flew by as if to say, “Thanks to you I can fly on my own.” She recognized it and both of our hearts tingled.

    Puppet Glove Frog/Prince
    by Trudi

  • Puppet Glove Dog/Knight
    by Trudi

    Growing up with a mother who was a preschool teacher, I became accustomed to reading time involving props like felt board shapes or puppets. I was reminded of this when I saw these turkey finger puppet gloves by Lorie from Reading Confetti. She made them to go with the book "10 Fat Turkeys" by Tony Johnston, but they would also be fun just for play! I mean, what kid doesn't love finger puppets? []

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A hand puppet is a type of that is controlled by the hand or hands that occupies the interior of the puppet. are a variation of hand puppets. Rod puppets require one of the puppeteer's hands inside the puppet glove holding a rod which controls the head, and the puppet's body then hangs over most or all of the forearm of the puppeteer, and possibly extends further. Other parts of the puppet may be controlled by different means, e.g., by rods operated by the puppeteer's free hand, or strings or levers pulled the head or body. A smaller variety, simple hand puppets often have no significant manipulable parts at all. Finger puppets are not hand puppets as they are used only on a finger.