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  • Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len and Megurine Luka are all available and each come with a CuteRody that matches up with their image color. The CuteRody horses are also made as pullback cars allowing you to give the Vocaloid characters an adorable ride as well!

    Nendoroid Plus: Hatsune Miku​ x CuteRody Pullback Cars is now available for preorder! Each Nendoroids come with pullback cars in form of the Rody horse, and stand at 35mm in height.

  • Carrera Nintendo Mario Kart 7 Mario, Luigi and Yoshi Pullback Cars (3 Pack)

    3 Pack, Pull & Speed Cars Mario, Luigi, Yoshi Pull & Speed does exactly what the name says: just press down on the 1:43-scale cars, pull back, release and watch them go. A classic toy for kids aged 3 and upwards. But there's more to these mini-racers: Pull & Speed models are also an interesting field for collectors, top-quality craftsmanship and original licenses standing for designs that are accurate to the last detail.

    It is important to understand the difference between and acceleration, especially when working with pullback cars. An object accelerates when its velocity changes, but velocity is not just a measure of speed. It also takes direction into account. Acceleration is when an object’s direction of motion, speed, or both change. An object can accelerate if it is moving in a straight line with changing speed or if it is moving in a circle with variable or constant speed.

    Product Information Type : Pulls Minimum Age : Ages 3 and Up
    Number of Pieces : 36 Features : Pullback Cars
    Dimension Details Height : 1 3/4 inches long
    Miscellaneous Brand : Smilemakers
    Weight Weight : 0.90 lbs. per Each

  • The Nendoroids are sold separately: , , , and . Upon release after pulling the cars backward, the cars can be propelled forward with the figures on the ride (hence the name pullback cars).

Pullback Race Cars - Pkg. of 12

But then Technic branched out into the LEGO Racers theme. After the legendary Drome Racers were built with the early version of the pullback motor in 2002, it really took off over the next couple of years. The small Racers were a huge success from day one. From 2005 to 2008 the pullback motor evolved with the Power Racers. This version was powerful, you could attach it in different ways, and it was used for both racecar and motorbikes. It was still a little difficult to wind up, but the effect was great. The Racers theme was eventually discontinued. When we decided to revive the pullback cars in the 2013 assortment, we gave the system a makeover.