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  • Some cost cutting for Sony can come from the inputs offered on the back of the console which still features an optical out. If we really want to get a bare bone console, let the PS3 Mini just offer an HDMI out and leave everything else off the production line. The reality of it is that anybody whose purchase a TV in the last 10 years has an HDMI input and if not, the PS3 and HD gaming/movies isn’t probably on their radar. (Depending on the cost, Sony can be less drastic with this and leave the A/V output for Component/RCA out). Taking a cue from Nintendo, I’d also leave that other port off the production line as well. Yes, the holy ethernet port which gives the PS3 access to the PlayStation Network. If they want to jump online, that’s what the built in Wi-Fi is for.

    The first thing to address would be the price of the PlayStation 3 Mini which surely would fall at $149. Seeing how The Wii Mini is priced at $99, unless Sony scrapped most of the features that make the PS3 a PS3, the system at this time could never hit the $99 price point. That is, unless Sony wanted to take a loss on each console. We also have to take into consideration that there are some components that Sony cannot remove from the PS3 like its Blu-ray drive which every single game is based on. Sony cannot also get rid of backwards compatibility as that feature was axed a long time ago. So where does this leave Sony and what features could the PS3 Mini lack?

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