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Pretend Play Makeup Starter Set from the Exclusive Glamour Girl Collection- High Quality Fun (Made from EVA Foam - Not Real Makeup)

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  • I first learned of the concept of pretend makeup sets just two years ago. Since that time, I’ve heard more about pretend makeup sets than the upcoming election. Why? Because my beloved wife created a pretend makeup set that is so realistic looking and feeling that mothers have told me that she is a genius, and not because she married me. Which I thought was very rude. However, in that process, I learned the required elements that make up the perfect pretend makeup set.

    Of course the perfect pretend makeup sets need to be 100% mess free! That means there is zero chance of a mess while your child plays with a pretend makeup set. With Mini-Play Makeup, the realistic look and feel convinces even the most discerning mothers and daughters. The fact that it’s a mess-free product will win your heart and hers. Let her play without fear of retribution. And while she plays you will have complete confidence that nothing will be ruined. Mini-Play Makeup sets are adorable. But more importantly, they look real. They feel real, and they are 100% mess free . Go ahead, get your perfect pretend makeup set today. You won’t be disappointed.

  • What makes these sets so innovative is that unlike other pretend makeup sets, the play makeup is not made out of hard plastic. It is soft, spongy material that looks and feels like real makeup, yet no color transfers or applies to the skin. The brushes are also real makeup brushes instead of plastic toy brushes. The packaging is high quality and looks incredibly realistic as well. Little girls will love applying makeup to themselves, friends, and their dolls as they engage in creative roleplay. Parents will love the fact that there is absolutely no mess and that it will keep little ones from going through mom's makeup.

    We each have our own story about why we want a pretend make up set for our children. Usually, it involves attempting to provide our child with their own make up set so they will quit getting into our own makeup and creating that work of art that we tastefully describe as 93a mess.94 It is for the above combination of reasons, distracting our children away from our makeup and attempting to prevent them from making messes with our makeup, that was created. Mini-Play Makeup has created pretend makeup97fake makeup97that is 100% mess free. There are three pretend make up sets to choose from.

  • The creator of Mini-Play Makeup had the same experience that we described above. 93My daughter was repeatedly getting into my makeup and making a mess for me to clean up.94 She searched for a solution but found none. 93I thought, there must be a out there somewhere that will allow her to play at pretending to apply makeup without creating the mess that she is with real makeup.94 But there wasn92t anything that looked and felt like real makeup. So, she created her own. And that92s how Mini-Play Makeup was created. Once word spread to friends and neighbors the requests for pretend Makeup sets for their daughters made her decide to offer it commercially. Apparently, their daughters got into their makeup and made messes as well.

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