This FP Precious Planet High Chair is difficult to keep clean.

The Precious Planet Portable High Chair Cover helps prevent contact ..

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Sky Blue High Chair

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  • Along with its toy feature, the Fisher-Price Precious Planet also has other things to offer you. The Precious Planet high chair gives you seven different adjustment heights. This product also has three different recline positions. Both of these features allow your baby to sit comfortably in the Fisher-Price high chair. The adjustments are easy to make and thus, this product can comfortably accommodate your baby regardless of the size. The product also features folding legs that allow you to easily store it when not in use.

    With the Fisher-Price Precious Planet high chair you can be sure that your baby is eating his or her meal in a clean and sanitized environment. This product allows you to properly sanitize the tray in the dishwasher. You can easily remove the tray with one hand and put it in the dishwasher. Even the straps of the Precious Planet baby high chair can be removed and be properly cleaned. The material from which this chair has been made from can be easily cleaned and is stain free. All you need is a cloth and the pad can be easily cleaned within minutes.

  • The Fisher-Price Precious Planet high chair has a suction cup tray toy. This toy will entertain your baby as you work in the kitchen and prepare your baby’s meal. The suction cup tray toy has little colorful animals on it that your baby can play with while he or she waits for their meal. This is useful for you as your baby won’t cry or get annoyed while sitting in the Fisher-Price baby high chair as he or she will be busy playing with the suction cup tray toy.

    The Precious Planet Portable High Chair Cover helps prevent contact with dirt and germs from restaurant highchairs. It is quick and easy to install. This is machine washable and dryer safe. It folds compactly and includes a handy storage bag. It also includes two tether straps to attach baby’s favorite toys.

  • I received the Fisher-Price Precious Planet high chair as a gift with my rirst child. We were able to pick it out and chose this one because of the bright colors. Whenever my son sat in it he loved to look behind him at the animals and tried to pull on them. I love how the tray comes right off and it washes easy. When I was lazy I threw it in the dishwasher. It is so easy to clean! The fabric can easily be wiped down with a wet cloth. I threw the straps in the wash and they came out nice and white again. The height can easily be moved up or down. And it is also not too difficult to fold it flad and store away, however it easily comes unfolded so you have to hold it together while moving it. The toy that came with this wasn't that exciting, but I guess you are in the high chair to eat, not to play! What I disliked about this seat is the way that the seat positions. If the seat sits as upright as possible I felt that my baby wasn't comfortable because the seat was so straight. The next position seemed to be reclined a little bit, I wish there was a position in between. Anyway, I reallly like this high chair, I would recommend it and I would buy it again.

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Fisher-Price Precious Planet High ChairMom and Child will love the Precious Planet High Chair with its entertaining tray toy and must have high chair features. This high chair includes a removable suction cup tray toy to entertain baby while mom is working in the kitchen. The chair features 7 seat height adjustments, 3 position recline,1 hand removable tray, translucent blue dishwasher safe insert tray, wipeable/washable pad, 4 lockable casters, and folding legs for storage.