A few slightly less common pics of the Caterpillar Powerloader:

an ALIEN attacking a Powerloader, which people could get in for a photo-op.

NECA Aliens Deluxe Vehicle Power Loader (P 5000) Vehicle

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  • Check out the Powerloader in the video below but bear in mind this version is moving due to stop-motion animation of the video, it won't be robotically controlled.

    If the reaches 10,000 subscribers Willetts says he will release a step by step tutorial showing fans how to make their own Powerloader. Part will be numbered and even the decals will be described so creating it should be as straightforward as any other Lego project.

  • The Overland Storage PowerLoader, with a removable magazine and field-proven robotics, provides reliable storage for 1.2 TB to 6.8 TB of compressed mission-critical data.

    In this case the three months of work to design and build the Powerloader will amount to nothing from Lego. But that hasn't stopped Willetts who says he's going to offer the instructions on how to build this to anyone who wants it.

    The PowerLoader works well with most brands of ATV's including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Bombardier, Polaris* , Arctic Cat & Yamaha.

    *All Polaris brand ATV's require an additional mounting kit for proper installation.

  • At the push of a button, the patented telescopic lifting arms of the PowerLoader retract and curl in seconds to eliminate leverage-moving loads of up to 350 lbs from ground level to "Locked and Loaded" - ready for transport.

    The PowerLoader is constructed of super-tough, aircraft aluminum and adds on 29 lbs to the weight of the vehicle.

    A German dad, Carsten Riewe, has created this amazing cosplay of the famous “P5000 Powerloader” from the movie Aliens! A disguise he designed especially to be able to carry his baby and have a walk! Arguably the ultimate cosplay for any geek dad…

Cameron’s redesign of the powerloader, imagined as a mech-lifter.

PowerLoader automates the process of loading morphs in a figure.

Using PowerLoader requires DAZ Studio ( or later) and Michael 4 (or any product that comes with a supplimental PowerLoader installer).Once you have run both the product installer and the associated PowerLoader installer and load the figure in DAZ Studio you'll see a dialog open, in which you may select which morph packs to load, you'll also be able to deselect morphs that you don't anticipate using during your session.