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I like potato banana splits with sprinkles, too! (I guess that could have gone without saying.)

Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food, Simple Combos, Apricots, Sweet Potatoes & Bananas, 4 Ounce, 8 count (Pack of 2)

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  • We love anything that falls into both the breakfast and dessert category. That’s why these sweet potato muffins are so great: you can enjoy them for either! Chock full of sweet tater and banana goodness, so you can be sure our Sweet Potato Banana Muffins are creamier and more flavorful than your average muffin. And what better way to rescue over-ripe bananas and leftover baked sweet potatoes than to transform them into delicious muffins? Talk about a makeover for the books. Best enjoyed warm, with a hot cup of tea, and in the company of friends and family.

    This sweet potato banana bread is so good. It freezes well and keeps in the refrigerator for several days. We love it with coffee for breakfast and as a snack anytime. This bread makes a great gift, too.

  • Anyway, the other day Jess (the wife for those keeping track) put a picture up on Instagram of sweet potato banana waffles. Um, yes please was my immediate reaction. I love all of those things.

    So I tried it. And while two attempts at waffles were seriously charred and inedible, I emerged triumphant with a batch of sweet potato banana pancakes.

  • My potato banana splits take advantage of the ice cream/potato winning flavor combination. To prepare my potato banana splits, you start with potato skins that are baked with a touch of sugar to sweeten them. Then, you use the potato skin as the boat for a classic banana split.

[…] Sweet Potato Banana Bites […]

[…] I have a fun paleo recipe to share with you! I saw the original recipe for Sweet Potato Banana Bites on Lindsay’s blog, and knew I had to make them! With just a […]