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Song Transfer Pack 13 (STP13)- The Newest Song Pack of GRAND VIDEOKE!

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  • WOW Videoke are market leaders in portable videoke machines of the highest quality and are filled with easy to use features and functions. With the largest range of songs available on portable videoke machines help to offer superior value over our competitors models such as the Magic Sing range.

    All WOW Videoke products are supplied with a 12 Month Australian Back to Base (Brisbane, Australia) Warranty and all WOW Videoke Australia portable videoke machines have an Australian Approved Switched Power Adaptor.

  • A decade ago, portable videoke machines made an appearance in this country and became exceedingly popular. EnterTech Ltd. (ET) of Korea manufactured karaoke machines under the brand name Magic Sing and they quickly gained favour with the population because of Pinoy’s penchant for singing. In-a-Jiffy Enterprises (IAJE) signed a distribution agreement with EnterTech in 2003 to ship the products known as WOW Magic Sing. There were reasons this name was chosen for the product, first, it was to distinguish it from other similar machines ET supplied and to support the WOW Philippines program of the Tourism Secretary Dick Gordon.

    WOW Videoke’s range is undoubtedly the best portable video karaoke machines available in the marketplace worldwide. WOW Videoke Videoke machines offer the greatest song selection, fantastic sound quality, useful features, most entertaining video, highest build quality and the most exciting technology available for portable videoke machines which allows for you to enjoy the best videoke experience like no other.

  • Included is an incredibly complete media experience with our video karaoke machines, as some models include an SD media file reader and a quality videoke machine. Allowing for you to play your audio files, movies, music videos and all other media off your own SD card. All of these features plus a quality Korean manufactured portable videoke machine at very reasonable prices.

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So whether you are singing your heart out alone or with your family and friends, celebrating a grand occasion, or just singing to whip those stress away - the new GRAND VIDEOKE is surely the ultimate portable videoke buddy for you.