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Polaroid PMID 701c tablet after Android 4.0 upgrade

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  • To anyone else unable to use google play apps I found a solution! Follow the directions on this persons digital reader page. I finally got flash installed too and hulu works. Download this guys zipfile onto your pc (gapps.), unzip on your pc, copy to a folder on your polaroid 702 tablet, install 3 of the zip files in an exact order that he specifies. After doing this you’ll have an icon named ‘Android Market’ in your folders list. Click on this and it will open everything up where you will be able to download/install google apps off their google play site. It has way better apps than the amazon site that polaroid forces you to use and this is in no way a hack so you don’t have to worry about messing up you android os. Follow his directions closely (please note there are about 5 files within the zip folder but I only installed 3 files as he directed and it worked for me. Good luck! Here’s the link:

    Incidentally, your Hack to add Google Market (Vending), Talk and SetupWizard, all installed fine on the ICS version, but GoogleServicesFramework-signed is not needed since it is already on the Polaroid 701i. And you are right, having Google Android Market (Play) make this Polaroid “acceptable”, because Amazon AppStore is crap. I could never use it because it refused to download apps, even though I already have an Amazon account 1-Click authorized!! I blame the Polaroid for this bug, because the Amazon Store app works on my ASUS TF101 … tough I never get any apps anymore from Amazon, except a few eBooks and AudioBooks.

  • Found instructions on XDA and followed em- very easy. 1. Google "root polaroid pmid701i " 2. Go to the XDA link, scroll down to forum post #10 by hoodred (in it you'll find the instructions on both rooting the device and info on market access)3. Follow the instructions for root and or google market/play install4. Enjoy!

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