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Pokémon  Clip 'N' Carry Poké Ball Belt

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  • Now you can add this Clip N Carry Pokeball belt to your Pokemon themed costume or everyday clothing, so you won't have to worry about running out of Pokeballs ever again. The belt has 6 loops so just clip the Pokeballs and the included Pokemon figures to the loops and get out there and catch that Charizard that you've been dreaming of. Maybe clip some raspberries to this belt just in case that Charizard is being a little difficult!

    Hurry! We just heard a rustling in the bushes over there and we have a feeling that a high-level Pikachu may be waiting to pop out. If that's the case, have your Pokeball ready because you NEED to add the lightening-based Pokemon to your roster. Keep this Pokeball belt clipped to the loop of your pants so you can catch all the Pokemon and become the most skilled trainer in your neighborhood- or perhaps, the whole world!

  • In order to be the best Pokemon trainer you can possibly be, you’ll need the right garb, and one of the most essential aspects of any trainer’s outfit is a solid Pokeball belt. This comes in either red or blue, and it comes with two poke balls, two 2-inch figures, and two attack tags, as well as the adjustable belt, itself. The balls are randomly chosen, too, so it’s possible you’ll walk away with an Ultra Ball with Hawlucha or a Premier Ball.

    If you're a fan of the virtual interactive game, Pokemon Go, you'll love adding this Clip N Carry Pokeball Belt to your outfit the next time you venture out to catch some of the cute anime creatures. There are 6 loops on the belt so the included Pokeballs and Pokemon figures will easily stay attached to you while you're on the hunt. You don't want to finally come across a Venosaur and then realize your out of supplies! This cool accessory will make sure that you're always fully stocked with Pokeballs while you're on your quest to catch 'em all!

  • An "electric" design gives life to the Pikachu legend on this cool Pokemon belt! The Pokemon Pikachu Pokeball Seatbelt Belt is a yellow, 1.5 inch wide belt, adjustable from a 24-inch to 42-inch waist size, with a metal seatbelt-style buckle. The buckle has an image of the original Poke Ball from the universe. The belt features the Poke ball, orange stripes, and images of the lovable electric-type Pikachu framed within black circles!

Pokeball Belt by Nashoba-Hostina on DeviantArt

When you were a kid pretending you were a Pokemon trainer, you probably had at least one PokeBall that clipped to your belt or pants, just like Ash Ketchum's PokeBall belt. Now you can feel like an authentic Pokemon trainer once again, thanks to a special PokeBall phone charger.