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  • The Playtex Spillproof Cup comes in a variety of different colors and designs. Most of them that I've seen consist of a whitish (semi-clear) cup with colorful patterns or pictures on it and a bright colored lid. The cups we purchased had pictures of little children on them in primary colors. Our lids are blue and red and screw on.

    The Playtex Spillproof cup cleans up easily either washed by hand or in the dishwasher. The cup, valve and lid are all dishwasher (top rack) safe but must be disassembled in order to get all 3 parts clean.

  • Most children go through a phase of throwing or dropping their cup from their high chair. Our son was no different. The Playtex Spillproof Cup is made of a very durable plastic and has been put to the test. Its definitely sturdy.

    What I found, though, was over time these cups became less spillproof. But with these cups, its not the valve and spout that leak. Instead, the Playtex Spillproof Cup leaks around the rim area. I am not sure if it is that the cups become disfigured a bit in the dishwasher or what, but thats my hunch as to what is happening.

  • The Playtex Spillproof Cup comes in 2 sizes, a 6 oz size and a larger 9 oz size. If you are just starting out with a sippy cup definitely start with the smaller size. The large size is more appropriate for a toddler but appears to be quite large. It is especially a sight to see to watch a little guy pick this cup up and tip it up with their little hands. The cup is so big you can hardly see their face behind it. Very cute! (at least I think so!) The large size cup also makes a good cup to fill and take with you in your diaper bag, or for use in the car etc.

I'm sorry to say that's the last playtex sippy cup I will buy

Despite eventual leaks around the rim I am satisfied with the Playtex Spillproof cup for occasional use. For the price, they were definitely worth it for a sturdy plastic cup that my son enjoys drinking from.