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PLAYMOBIL Large Crane with IR Remote Control

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  • Playmobil Large Crane with IR Remote Control

    Don’t let moving large, bulky materials slow down work on the construction site. Let the Large Crane with IR Remote Control do all the heavy lifting! The included IR remote control allows kids to maneuver the crane’s arm, trolley, and crane hook with precision, making it easy to lift and move any material. The crane arm can pivot from side to side, while the trolley can move materials forwards and backwards, as well as up and down. Set includes one figure, crane, remote control, pallet, and other accessories. Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included). Dimensions: 27.2 x 12.6 x 30.3 inches (LxWxH). Recommended for ages five to ten.


    Playmobil Crane (Playmobil, $70)
    It looks just like the cranes you see at construction sites, only this one is made for those pretend building projects. The Playmobil crane is big — about two feet tall — and it really moves! In fact, this giant yellow crane moves six different ways. The buttons on the base make it rotate, tilt, go up and down, and move in and out. The crane comes with an assortment of ropes and hooks needed to lift the cargo crate. You also get two Playmobil workers — one for the cab on top of the crane, the other to keep track of things on the ground. Some assembly is required. (Requires three AA batteries.)

  • The Playmobil Crane is an award-winning toy, having won the Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio Platinum Award for 2004, The Parents Choice Award, and an iParenting Media Award.

    The base of the Playmobil Crane is on wheels, so he can move it around or hitch it to one of the other Playmobil construction vehicles and tow it. It collapses upon itself as well. The men can climb the ladder on the side of the crane and ride in the control booth. It works very well with other items in the construction line from Playmobil, being able to lift items into the dump truck, lifting the construction crew’s office or the portable bathroom, or in a variety of other ways which keeps my son entertained for long periods of time.

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  • Playmobil Large Crane

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    Once together the Playmobil Crane does a lot. It’s motorized and runs on 3 AA batteries which do seem to last quite some time. The controls to maneuver the crane are right on the base. My five year-old-son operates it with no difficulty. Even when he holds it past the point where it will stop moving, all it does is make a lot of noise but not break. It will move items on the pallet up and down as well as from side to side and closer or further away from the crane base.

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Some assembly is required. The directions that come with the Playmobil Crane aren’t that detailed. This was the first Playmobil piece I put together and it took me a bit of doing and undoing to get it just right. The picture was actually more helpful than the printed directions. There aren’t a lot of stickers on the Playmobil Crane which is nice because that’s something he often likes to pull off anyway and I don’t like the look of the toys once he’s done that.