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    My son adores the lights and sirens of firetrucks, so he immediately ran off with the plastic toy firetruck as soon as I opened the I Love Rescue Vehicles set. (Again I wish that the truck were metal instead of plastic because I fear that the plastic will not last that long.) Both my kids enjoy flipping through the pages of the book and hearing me read the information aloud. My kindergartener daughter can read most of the text by herself with only a little bit of help with the bigger and unfamiliar words. Both my kids enjoy looking at the firetruck poster, and both adore the stickers. As soon as my kids get a little older and gentler, I will get out the cardstock model pieces. At the moment my 1-year-old and 4-year-old are a bit too rough for the cardboard, so I definitely agree with the age 5 and older recommendation. I am excited to use I Love Rescue Vehicles in future homeschool lessons with my kids.

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