Little ones like my collection of little plastic Army men

I recall green plastic army men, cap guns, the Bionic Man action figure, and Darth Vader, to name a few.

Rhode Island Novelty 144 Classic Assorted Toy Soldiers in Poses

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  • TAG : I had a sturdy collection of these plastic army men and vehicles.
  • Back in the days where youngsters had legs and a shape, one of the best ways to entertain yourself was with little plastic army men: Even today, roughly half of all grown men cannot help but see trenches in the garden walls and cliffsides in tree roots. These little soldiers, sometimes based on actual national armies, watched their friends die face down in the mud for this patch of sidewalk. They taught us all about tiny duty, itty-bitty honor, wee sacrifice and bite-sized heroism.

    In a related work by VanZanden, the centerpiece of his exhibit, standing a good six feet high, he uses this same material on a huge scale, recreating one of the classic little plastic army men poses:

  • Amazing timing, then, that yesterday, when my wife and I stopped in at the in nearby Edison, Washington, we should see this piece by Pieter VanZanden, a woodworker in , working here not with wood but with little plastic army men, riffing on ‘s most famous sculpture, , and conveying what could be interpreted as an anti-war sentiment similar to that of the Yoga Joes:

    I shared my own childhood experience, having been raised on war movies on television, having played with these little plastic army men, until, that is, I became a pacifist and embraced the concept of that is central to the Buddhism and Yoga practices I came to dabble in.

    Vintage Green Plastic Army Men Toy Soldiers Marine Tanks Tents Artillery Rifles Jeeps Bazookas Bugler Lot Left
    Vintage Green Plastic Army Men Toy Soldiers Marine Tanks Tents Artillery Rifles Jeeps Bazookas Bugler Lot Right

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    Brogamats describes the fun idea as, “peaceful action figures designed to inspire children, men, and military veterans to try yoga.” The iconic plastic green army men are shown in a variety of popular yoga poses such as: headstand, meditation pose, cobra pose, warrior one, warrior two, child’s pose, tree pose, crow pose, and downward-facing dog.

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For a toy that's been around so long, there surprisingly still seems to be no consensus on what the rules (if any) are for Plastic Army Men battles.