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Planet Shark: Predator or Prey. Photo: Grande Exhibitions
Shark Island
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Daily Planet Shark Week - Basking Sharks

Planet of the Sharks

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  • Playing with SHARKS!!! Animal Planet's Ocean Collection. 13 Pieces. Colección Del Océano. El tiburones! Backyard Shark Week...

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    The predators of the sea are swimming into Bishop Museum. This summer, Planet Shark: Predator or Prey takes over the Castle Memorial Building for a large-as-life look at the history, science and threat to the shark population. For parents of shark aficionados, that’s all we need to say. But we asked Bishop Museum for a closer look at what you’ll find, experience and play with at its newest exhibit.

  • Planet Shark is divided into five separate section which examine sharks’ biology and hunting strategies, human and shark encounters–including ways humans have protected themselves–shark satellite tagging programs and conservation as well as collections of shark fossils, shark cages and other gear.

    That scary, ominous music that plays whenever sharks are featured on nature documentaries is taking a big toll: It's making people feel unjustly terrified of sharks, and these negative feelings are likely hindering efforts to save and protect the magnific

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    “The same goes for corporate pledges. We have only 42 companies and 25 hotels and restaurants signed on pledge no to ordering or serving sharks. Our target is for 500 businesses to commit to remove shark fin from their corporate menu or dining policy, and for 20,000 restaurants to phase out shark fin from their menu,” explained Sharma.

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One place where shark numbers have definitely decreased is on coastal coral reefs around the world. —far more than their top predator counterparts like lions on land. But when humans move in, sharks disappear unless they are protected. A recent study found that in the Pacific islands, . Because humans have lived near reefs for so long, it's hard to know what these ecosystems should look like with a healthy number of sharks—and thus what effect the removal of sharks is having. Recent studies of remote uninhabited islands show that , in some cases making up 50 to 80 percent of the biomass on a reef! They are able to maintain this ratio because of the speedy transfer of energy up the food chain.