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Disney/Pixar Cars Mack Truck and Transporter

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  • “We are putting the pedal to the metal and are proud to bring the ultimate Cars experience through the Disney-Pixar Truck Tour to fans and families right around Australia. The year long, multiple city tour will ensure that everyone has a chance to experience the fantastic merchandise, fast-paced action and build excitement for the release of the Cars 2 in June 2011,” says Kylie Watson-Wheeler, General Manager, Licensing- The Walt Disney Company

    Mack the Transporter will make his first public, fully operational appearance, as part of Disney-Pixar CARS Truck Tour, at Sydney’s Mack Dealership, 49–51 Governor Macquarie Drive, Chipping Norton (Sydney) this Saturday 12 February from 10am-4pm.

  • Feb 08, 2011 – SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Get set to rev those engines as Mack the Transporter steams into Sydney this week for the official launch of the Disney-Pixar CARS Truck Tour. The year–long Australia wide tour sees Disney-Pixar team up with Mack Trucks Australia and V8 Supercars to provide fans and families with the ultimate Cars experience.

    After a few years, Lasseter and Catmull were able to successfully transfer the basic principles of the Pixar Braintrust to Disney, although meetings of the Disney Story Trust are reportedly "more polite" than those of the Pixar Braintrust. Catmull later explained that after the merger, to maintain the studios' separate identities and cultures (notwithstanding the fact of common ownership and common senior management), he and Lasseter "drew a hard line" that each studio was solely responsible for its own projects and would not be allowed to borrow personnel from or lend tasks out to the other. That rule ensures that each studio maintains "local ownership" of projects and can be proud of its own work. Thus, for example, when Pixar had issues with and Disney Animation had issues with (2008), "nobody bailed them out" and each studio was required "to solve the problem on its own" even when they knew there were personnel at the other studio who theoretically could have helped.

  • Mack The Transporter will be appearing at selected Mack dealerships, V8 Supercar events, Westfield shopping centres and other major events and festivals across Australia as part of the Disney-Pixar CARS Truck Tour.

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Mattel’s Disney Pixar Cars Truck and Trailers assortments continue with another two brand new haulers: Chet Boxkaar and Paul Valdez. We have many Cars trucks and trailers in stock at the moment and Mack Truck is back in stock.