Also throws dimpled pitching machine balls or softballs.

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Franklin Sports MLB Super Star Batter & Fielder Multi Function 4 in 1 Pitching Machine

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  • Because of these basic features, it has quickly become a favorite among users. Coaches prefer the Zooka ZS740 over other pitching machines because of its safety features with no dangerous spinning wheels and electrical cords running across the fields while parents love it for its ease of use, easy portability, sturdy built, and versatility. .

    ATEC Casey Pro 3G – Known as the most accurate, precise, and consistent pitching machines available out there, the is meant for serious players and teams who want to take their skills to the next level. This revolutionary, high performance, third generation machine is packed with enough power to throw balls from 30-100 mph. Yes, 100 miles per hour, which is around the fastest ball recorded in MLB history. With such great speeds, this top training equipment will provide a challenging day of practice to even the most top level team. In fact, the ATEC Casey Pro is the official pitching machine of Major League Baseball and is used everywhere by schools, colleges and big teams.

  • Whether you are a young player just developing hand-eye coordination or an experienced player playing in the big leagues, there is nothing more pleasurable than the crack of the bat as it strikes a speeding ball. But to master those skills to be consistently good with the bat requires time, energy and lots of practice. Investing in a good baseball pitching machine is highly recommended for developing and mastering those skills as it gives you more successful practice sessions without asking anyone to serve up quality pitches to you.

    Zooka ZS740 – The is a revolutionary product that has changed everything you know about pitching machines. The ZS740 brings the first ever, fully digital pitching machine that can throw balls as fast as 65 mph on battery power. At a very nominal price, this is truly what you call innovation.

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    Your Price: $1,599.00
    MSRP: $2,199.00
    You Save: $600.00
    Product ID : BATA-2 Baseball Pitching Machine
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    • Speed 25-100 mph.
    • Weight 98 lbs.
    • Transport Wheels Kit available
    • Throws real baseballs or dimpled
    • Throws all types of pitches
    • Throws grounders and flies
    • 3-way swivel head
    • Runs on 110 AC
    • May be used with BATA Feeder
    • Available for Baseball/Softball
    • 5-year limited warranty
    • Quick-Release Leg Lock Kit available>

    BATA-2 Baseball $1,599.00
    BATA-2 Softball $1,599.00
    BATA-2 Bb/Sb Combo $1,699.00

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    Your Price: $2,749.00
    MSRP: $3,199.00
    You Save: $450.00
    Product ID : 2Pitch3 Pitching Machine
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    • Throw 2 different pitches in ONE SET UP
    • Fastball up to 95 mph, Curveball up to 75 mph
    • Heavy duty steel construction
    • Throws flyballs and groundballs
    • Runs on 110 volt AC
    • 5-year warranty

    2Pitch3 Baseball Pitching Machine w/std legs $2749
    2Pitch3 Baseball Pitching Machine w/RAS $3349

    Whether you are an amateur player just starting out or an experienced player trying to master your baseball skills, you will find a pitching machine well suited for your needs.

Pitching machine features tri-pod style base, ..

The Sling Pitcher softball and baseball pitching machine is the most versatile, affordable and easy to use baseball and softball pitching machine on the market. No other manual pitching machine can reach speeds up to 80 mph. Great for baseball teams, fast pitch softball and family fun!
Standard pitching machines are expensive, heavy, and require electricity. Who has an electrical outlet on the pitcher’s mound?