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  • Have you ever seen a grown man walk into a Build-A-Bear to create a colorful pony for himself? Well, stop by your local store and get ready for an invasion of the bronies. characters are landing on Build-A-Bear store shelves on April 1, 2013. Not only that, but April 1-7, 2013 is going to be Week at all Build-A-Bear locations. There will be love. Probably tolerance. And maybe some debate over why Twilight Sparkle or Fluttershy would have been better choices than Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.

    I found out about the Build-A-Bear collaboration from a flyer sent to my mailbox. (Don’t judge me, I couldn’t resist getting the Harajuku Hugs panda!) It said that Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash will be available for a limited time, as will specific pony clothing and accessories for them. Also, it said that the week’s events will include information on how to style the pony’s hair and encouraged potential customers to come in wearing clothing.

    It was just your basic ad. It said that Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash will be available to make at Build a Bear starting April 1, 2013. It also said to come in the first week its available to get a booklet of possible hairstyles kids (or adults :D) could do for their new stuffed pony.

  • Have a tea party with your 3 beautiful pony friends with the PRINCESS CELESTIA & FRIENDS TEATIME Set! Your PRINCESS CELESTIA, PINKIE PIE and RAINBOW DASH pony figures love to find special ways to spend time together with you, and this set has the teacups, cookie plates and other teatime accessories for a wonderful party together. Hurray for tea with ponies!

    Plot synopsis: Pinkie Pie invites Rainbow Dash to her bakery and offers her a cupcake. Rainbow Dash discovers too late that the cupcake was drugged; she wakes up some time later strapped to a table in a darkened room decorated up like a party, but in place of streamers and balloons are blood, bones and body parts. Pinkie Pie appears wearing a dress made from pony flesh and a necklace of unicorn horns. She reveals that she has killed many other ponies and then tells Rainbow Dash that "her number came up". She then proceeds to slowly and brutally mutilate Rainbow Dash as described in graphic detail, eventually killing her.

    Modern Ponies: Pinkie Pie & Rainbow Dash
    Game by: EnjoyDressUp

    I must admit I had way too much fun in this game creating hip, modern looks for Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash! It's a relief to see such realistic and cute human versions compared to the strange ones in the TV show haha. You can give both girls a full make over, including make up, hairstyle, trendy outfits and accessories. I think my favourite part are the hairdos, incorporating magical rainbow streaks and colours! The make up has a cool feature which lets you apply the shadows manually, and it feels quite realistic. And I love it when the eyelash options just focus on the lashes, not strange mascara colours. Overall a great dress up game, enjoy!

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  • Rainbow Dash thought about this for a moment, and deciding that she shouldn't be left out of this opportunity, she pulled out a second feather from her wing. Returning to the front of the bed, she began to tickle Mario's feet. When Pinkie Pie saw Rainbow joining in on the fun, she temporarily removed her own feather from Mario's stomach, giving him a break from the stomach-tickling and hoping that his feet would be at least slightly more ticklish than when she first tickled them. Judging by his reaction, they were, and it wasn't just slightly more.

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The bright flash of light dissipated from Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash's vision allowing them to take a look around at their next location. What they saw raised a question from Pinkie.