Mattel To Make Pink Sparkly Matchbox Cars For Future Soccer Moms

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Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt issue '64 Buick Riviera #10 1/64 2008

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  • We took one out of the package to be photographedthis is an adorable model a fordmade in 1979 for kellog's rice krispiesthe matchbox car is 3 long x 1. 5 tallwe have 20 of these matchbox cars, but we are selling them one at a timefor additional vintage die case matchbox cars, please visit our ebay storeand follow us on facebookmatchbox cars, vintage matchbox cars, old matchbox cars, rare matchboxcars, matchbox cars price guide, matchbox cars, nascar matchbox cars, value ofmatchbox cars, matchbox cars list, vintage matchbox cars, matchbox cars,matchbox cars set, matchbox cars sets, matchbox cars collectible value, most valuablematchbox cars, valuable matchbox cars, matchbox cars trucks, matchbox carsgarage, pink matchbox cars, matchbox cars for girls, matchbox cars ebay, minimatchbox cars, police matchbox cars, original matchbox cars, matchbox cars hotwheels, m...

    Well, yes, of course they can. But do they want to be when they're only 4 years old? Or is that mom asserting her politics and sense of self onto her preschooler? I mean come on, what's wrong with a little pink and a trip to the mall? I'm not one to say men do X and girls do Y...with two girls of my own, I want nothing more for them to be whatever they want to be someday. But I don't think a pink Matchbox car and a trip to the mall is going to prevent them from being a doctor someday...if they want to be, that is.

  • I wonder what those teachers would think of the pink Matchbox cars and the race to the mall game.Labels: , , , posted by dadinprogress @

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