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  • As mother to two young girls, I go out of my way to find books for them to read with adventurous, female heroines – more than just damsel in distress, princess marries her prince type stories. Fortunately, thanks to great new authors like Jim O’Brien, there are awesome options out there today. tells the story of a little girl, Katie, inspired by Jim’s own daughter, who empties her entire piggy bank to buy as much bubble gum as she can. She wants to make it last, but her willpower fails her. As she eats more and more of the “soft, sweet and oh so delicious” Super Sugar Mega Bubble bubble gum, she gets carried away on quite the adventure.

    If your girls are fans of Pinkalicious and Lady Bug Girl, they are going to love . Katie, the real-life Bubble Gum Girl, empties all the money in her piggy bank to buy as many pieces of bubble gum as she can, beginning quite an adventure. And inspiring an afternoon of hands-on learning with bubble gum with these 5 simple STEAM activities for preschoolers. See them all and enter to win an autographed copy of your very own at the end of this post.

  • Children are never too young to understand money has value. This was our first foray into learning how much each coin is worth. Again, we recalled the part of the story where Katie empties her entire piggy bank to buy her gumballs. If gumballs cost one penny each, how many gumballs can you buy with 3 pennies?

    As I write these words my wife is sitting next to me on the couch, searching online for cute piggy banks to buy for the kids. Maybe they're too young, I think to myself; they barely know what money is. They don't need to be exposed yet to the stress and the worry that can go along with money.

  • Akash Mukherjee, who shares his birthday with Mother Teresa, had been setting aside part of his pocket money every day in a piggy bank to buy sports gear.

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