Philips AVENT Blue Grown Up Cup (350ml, 18 Months+)

PHILIPS BlueVision Ultra

Philips GoLITE BLU Energy Light

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  • The Philips Blue Vision sidelight bulbs have a blue coating on the lamp which means when illuminated it removes the tradiitonal yellow colour and replaces it with a crisp, white light.

    If you’re looking for a xenon upgrade bulb that produces a bright daylight effect, look no further than the Xenon Blue Vision Ultra range by world leading manufacturer, Philips. This series of bulbs produces the optimum light for night time driving thanks to a colour temperature of 6000K, the same as daylight. The Philips Xenon Blue Vision Ultra range offers an extra 10% more light than the previous range, thanks to a clever salt mix and a transparent outer tube.

  • The team led by David Aubert has been working tirelessly on developing newer and ever smaller medical LED devices. The first prototypes were improved continuously over time reaching the stage at which small, flexible and discreet medical LED devices could be created. The team’s first success was a flexible LED patch for treating back pain, which is now available on the market under the name Philips BlueTouch.

    Thanks to a colour temperature of 6000K, the Philips Xenon Blue Vision Ultra range delivers an ultra-stylish and distinctive blue effect making this bulb the perfect choice for style conscious drivers. The 6000K colour temperatures is in fact the same as daylight, it’s the optimum light for night time driving.

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  • Philips Blue Vision Ultra OSRAM Cool Blue Intense
    Gradient coating technology High luminous flux
    Produces a crisp, bright white light Produces a crisp, bright white light
    Colour temperature: 4000K Colour temperature: 4200K
    Prices start from around £28 Prices start from around £19

    Please note: The Philips BlueTouch Upper and Lower Back Strap's are not included with the Philips BlueTouch Patch. See below for the selection of straps available:

Philips Blue Vision Ultra H6W 433c/434 (Twin Pack) | PowerBulbs

- T10 W5W 12V 4000K White Light
- Designed by PHILIPS in Germany, Made in France
- Perfect colour match 4000K for Philips BlueVision Headlights (Hi/Low Beam)
- Ideal for your Parker lights, registration plate light
- Halogen White light. Free of CanBUS error code issues.
- 100% Street Legal