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Holland Peanut Store

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  • Over 100 years and five generations strong, the Fabiano family invites you for an old-fashioned friendly experience while shopping for homemade chocolates, fresh roasted nuts and famous Fabiano ice cream Nutty Paddle Pops.
    Nostalgic to current, choosing a gift is easy at The Holland Peanut Store!

    Nice post, Jim. Reminds me of when JC Penney stores used to have ice cream counters. My big thing was getting two scoops of bubble gum and enjoying it on the sidewalk. Now it looks like JCP is going to go the way of the peanut store, doesn’t it?

  • But, even if you've been to the theme park, the Snoopy Store in California Marketplace is worth checking out. It's bigger than the Peanuts store inside the park. And, the fact that it gets less business means that items which may be temporarily out of stock inside the park are plentiful in the California Marketplace. (For example, the cute Halloween Snoopy stuffed animal was sold out inside the park on the day I bought the one in the picture. At the Snoopy Store outside Knott's main gate, there were plenty of them!)

    On the other hand, for anyone heading into the theme park, the Peanuts-themed store is so easy to stroll into...and so much fun to look through.

    Even if you don't have kids (and, therefore, you won't be visiting the Camp Snoopy area of Knotts Berry Farm) the Peanuts store is easy to reach. It's right at the entrance to Camp Snoopy! You don't have to pass a bunch of kiddie rides to get to it.

  • To prevent spoilage, keep peanuts in a cool, moisture-free environment. If you’re planning to use them soon, a pantry or cupboard will do. For the longest storage time, a refrigerator is better. Refrigerated peanuts will last two to three times as long as unrefrigerated ones. Seal the peanuts in an airtight container like a sealable plastic freezer bag or tub. Peanuts come with their own little containers; for maximum shelf life, keep them in their shells. Unshelled peanuts stored in a pantry should last for one to two months, while peanuts without shells . Shells have no affect on how long you can store refrigerated peanuts.

Peanuts found in: Greenbrier Farms Dry-Roasted Peanuts, ..

Cheding’s started as a peanuts store in . For decades it has existed in this wonderful city of waterfalls and recently decided to put up a store in the United States. Because of its very satisfying taste of its prime product – the roasted peanuts – the business grew larger than expected. Later on, more and more delicacies from different places, mostly in the Mindanao, were displayed and sold inside the store, now popularly known as Cheding’s Peanuts.