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Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC

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  • Falcom is no stranger to great games, and the cult classic Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure is no exception. Originally released on PC in Japan, the game found its way ported to the PSP in the west thanks to Mastiff Games. After experiencing great critical and fan reception, the PC version of Gurumin found its way to Steam, where fans could experience the original release in all its glory. Now, Mastiff has taken up the challenge of porting the PC version of the game to the Nintendo 3DS. Now, fans can experience the PC classic on the go, as well as in 3D!

    The First Episode of my new show PC Classics, the review for the Turn Based Strategy Game Lords of the Realm 2

    Publisher: Sierra
    Developer: Impressions
    Release Date: Oct, 31, 1996

  • id Software's Wolfenstein 3D is a PC classic and rightly regarded as the grandfather of the massively popular first person shooter genre. Players step into the shoes of Allied spy BJ Blazkowicz as you fight your way past your Nazi captors in order escape the prison of Castle Wolfenstein. While it doesn't have many of the refinements of modern shooters, Wolfenstein 3D run-and-gun gameplay holds up well. Bethesda, which now holds the rights to the Wolfenstein games, released a free, browser-based version of the game to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D's release.

    The "Golden bundle" gets you three PC games: Spec Ops: The Line, the remake of the 1987 PC classic Sid Meier's Pirates along with an unknown mystery game.

PC Classics: Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends Amiga & DOS