The Party in the Tub Light is made of durable plastic, ..

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  • The Party in the Tub Light guarantees fun bath time for toddlers. With this toy, bath time tantrums will be history; children will in fact look forward to bath times.

    Party in The Tub Light features three different light shows that will entertain children during baths. It is made of durable plastic, with watertight and water safe long-lasting LED light display. There is no need for any other bath toys because Party in The Tub Light is guaranteed to entertain little bathers.

  • I bought my daughter a Party In The Tub light for christmas @$30.00 from wal mart. They told me that because I had lost the receipt and its passed to time slot for returns and exchanges, that I couldnt return it. So I call the company. . . Lol. So I called monday, the rep told me she will call me back shortly for a shipping cost, no call back. So I called the next day, same thing. So I waited a couple days and still nothing. Called today and I had a different lady transfer me to the lady I spoke to before, and I told her I wanted to talk to her boss, she said shes not available, and that there is no one there etc. I mention ill press charges on them for fraud, she says they are not recieving shipments until next week so she will not be able to tell me a shipping cost till next week, I got mad. She then transfers me to the head lady and she then starts asking me what the other lady said, I didnt tell her because she said she jjust spoke to the rep. Then I start telling her this sounds like a fraud thing and she proceeds to tell me that all of a sudden there is a shipment in that just came in as we were talking, then tells me a truck is here and unloading, so I questioned that, and said how is it that we went from shipments not coming till next week to a truck is unloading as we speak, then she got mad and said we can do this the easy way or the hard way, blah blah blah, I told her I should just press charges and then hung up the phone. Now I have 30 bucks wasted on a product that I can even open! On top of that I called back to get names the one rep said her name was sara, I asked what her last name was and she asked "why? ". Seriously? And on Sarah's,s voicemail her last name is in french and she said shes not in the office on thursdays and fridays but yet was there today ( on a friday. ).

    The Party in the Tub Light is made of durable plastic, with a watertight and water safe long-lasting LED light display. You don't need gazillion lame toys to make bath time a blast. Turn on the Party in the Tub Light and say good-bye to the dirty diva drama... and those toddler tub tantrums.

    Party In The Tub Light
    Represented by Makhsoom – Ashrafieh
    $16 $8

  • Party In The Tub Light
    Represented by Makhsoom – Ashrafieh
    $16 $8

    Sometimes when we see flashy lights and big promises, we think, WOW! That is a product I really need to have. That's why Nancy Naeve is testing some of those tempting As Seen on TV Products to make sure they are worth our hard earned money. Will the "Party in the Tub Bath Light" hold the attention of a 5 year old? Shawn Cable helps with this one too.

Logan and Party In the Tub Light!

There is more than just one Party in the Tub Lights review out there that complains about not having received the product at all. Some would-be buyers said they waited for as long as two months for their order to arrive and even tried checking with the seller with no results. As one can easily imagine, the kids, who had been very excited about receiving the lights, soon lost patience with checking the front porch every other day, waiting for the product to arrive. Other potential buyers said the company’s website is very shoddily designed and charged them for the order without any confirmation. When trying to cancel the order, the same clients said the company took several hours before returning the money.