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Paper Mario: Sticker Star

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    The Paper Mario: Sticker Star game is a flat-out epic new adventure, starring the Mushroom Kingdom's most famous hero in an elaborate papercraft world. With the land positively packed full of stickers, Mario™ will collect and use them to fight off baddies, uncover secrets, and more. Fans of the Paper Mario series will discover all new gameplay elements new to the franchise, while newer players will enjoy a craftastic new twist on their favorite Nintendo hero—only for Nintendo 3DS!



    Anyway, being a big fan of the various Mario RPGs, Paper Mario Sticker Star seems like a perfect game to review first. But its actually a bit difficult to review. It has the Paper Mario name, but it’s a drastically different game than the previous Paper Mario games, so it’s difficult to judge as a separate entity.

  • Paper Mario Sticker Star Wallpaper. . HD Wallpaper and background images in the Paper Mario Sticker Star club tagged: paper mario sticker star wallpaper.

    Overall, Paper Mario Sticker Star is a good game and a lot of fun. Most of its biggest flaws are from comparing it to previous Paper Mario titles, although it does have a couple flaws on its own. I’ve decided to give this game 2 separate scores. One is the game as its own game; the other is a game as an entry in the Paper Mario series.

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  • Language Name Meaning
    Japanese ペーパーマリオ スーパーシール
    Pēpā Mario: Sūpā Shīru
    Paper Mario: Super Seal
    Spanish Paper Mario: Sticker Star -
    French Paper Mario: Sticker Star -
    Italian Paper Mario: Sticker Star -
    Korean 페이퍼 마리오 스티커 스타
    Peipeo Mario Stikeo Seuta
    Paper Mario Sticker Star
    Chinese 纸片马力欧 超级贴纸
    Zhǐpiàn Mǎlìōu: Chāojí Tiēzhǐ
    Paper Mario: Super Sticker

    Welcome to our Paper Mario Sticker Star Walkthrough! Here, you'll find assistance with puzzle solutions, sticker locations, boss strategies, and more! Select from a chapter below to get started.

Paper Mario Sticker Star - Part 6 LIVESTREAM

Paper Mario is one of Nintendo’s quirky gems that used to live on the home consoles. Paper Mario Sticker Star attempts to jump over to the handheld 3DS. Unfortunately, more than a few things are lost along the way.