DIY soothie pacifier hole for pacifier clip

Bits on the Butlers: Pacifier Clip Tutorial

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  • - In addition to the pacifier clips, I also recommend a pacifier pocket like this one. Yes, you can just use Ziplock bags (totally fine) but this is great because it attaches to my diaper bag and I always have back up pacifiers – and don’t we all need back up sometimes?

    Today I’m sharing this tutorial on as part of their Celebration.
    So for the details! And continue to check back over the next two weeks for more baby ideas and cool giveaways!
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  • Nintendo Super Mario Bros Pacifier Clip - Set of 6 - Star Bullet Mushroom Flowerpower Goomba - Soothie Universal Baby Boys Shower Gift. $35.95, via Etsy.

    - Pacifiers fall on the floor and ground ALL the time! And sometimes it’s in a place where you can easily wash them off, and sometimes it’s not. Enter the pacifier clip. It clips onto car seat straps, your clothes, his clothes, wherever you need it to.

    Arglye Pacifier Clip

    Ladybug Pacifier Clip

    Diva Pacifier Clip

    Daddy's Girl Pacifier Clip

    Lollipop Pacifier Clip

    Ice Cream Pacifier Clip

    Pink Turtles Pacifier Clip
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    'Lil Sister Paci Clip

    Pink Poodle Paci Clip

    Designer Inspired Black/Tan Paci Clip

    Peony Pink Paci Clip

    Ice Cream Float Paci Clip

    Strawberry Cream Paci Clip

    Smiley Turtles Paci Clip

    Basketball Fan Paci Clip

    Race Car Paci Clip

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    PERSONALIZED Pacifiers - NUK Shape" title="PERSONALIZED Pacifiers - NUK Shape" />
    PERSONALIZED Pacifiers - NUK Shape">PERSONALIZED Pacifiers - NUK Shape
    THE ULTIMATE Pacifier Clip" title="THE ULTIMATE Pacifier Clip" />
    THE ULTIMATE Pacifier Clip">THE ULTIMATE Pacifier Clip
    ENGRAVED Pacifier Clip " title="ENGRAVED Pacifier Clip " />
    ENGRAVED Pacifier Clip ">ENGRAVED Pacifier Clip
    Paci Clip & Keep + Soothie

    Pacifier clips are a must-have for germaphobes! They clip to your baby’s shirt and keep her pacifier from hitting the floor! They are also nice when baby is in her carseat because you can find the pacifier easily and quickly just by following the cord! Today I’m sharing this sleek leather braided paci clip tutorial at , where there is also an

Piyo Piyo Stylish Pacifier Clip

DIY Pacifier Clip: No more dropped or lost baby pacifiers with this easy, no sew tutorial! So cute, and easily customized for holidays, baby showers, or special occasions!