Organic Boba Accompanied By A Ring-tailed Lemur

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BOLLE - Boba Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls 2.2 Lbs.

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  • I received the Organic Boba Carrier 3G in Pine to review. Baby Wearing is the art of “wearing your baby”. There are so many reasons to wear your baby. Just a few reasons that come to mind. It helps baby feel more connected to their care giver. Allows daddy’s to be a part of bonding with their babies in a practical way. Especially for dads who feel left out during breastfeeding. It can help ease fussiness as well. Most carriers also allow for hands free nursing when used correctly. This can be a great way to feed your baby while you are walking or out of the house.

    The Organic Boba Baby Wrap is ideal for newborns and young children up to approx. 18 months. Achieve the perfect fit every time. This Organic Cotton wrap provides absolute comfort and support and a customised fit to suit you and your growing little one. This is a wonderful way to carry your little one, providing the heart to heart closeness, security and calming effect. A great and supportive hands free carrying solution for beginners through to advanced baby wearers. The simplicity of the wrap, combined with its unique fabric blend provides comfort and closeness all year around.

  • OBA Organic Boba™ is organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and contains no nuts, soy, grain, eggs, wheat, milk/dairy, fish, shellfish, yeast sugar, additives or preservatives.

    Hand crafted in the USA using organic superfood chia seeds and organic tapioca, OBA Organic Boba™ are delicious, round, chewy pearls,providing omega-3, protein, fiber, calcium and gummy bear satisfaction and stress relief. Add Organic Boba to smoothies, juices, iced teas and your favorite hot or cold drinks!

  • The team kindly shared a blended drink recipe from its storefront, as pictured to the right, but we preferred a more familiar way: milk and sweetened tea, blended with ice. The organic boba took on the flavor of milk tea, but the grainy texture took a little time to get used to. In addition, the pearls shriveled and became denser and chewier due to the cold temperature. Perhaps Tchiaca tastes best in hot tea! Or maybe we just didn't cook the pearls long enough.

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is boiled in water like pasta, then stored in a simple syrup for several hours to sweeten it up and keep it chewy. Since we only had a little bit of boba to try, we didn't store the Tchiaca in any sweet solution. This contributed to a chewy, though somewhat flavorless boba. Unlike the slippery, slimy texture of traditional boba, the organic boba had some crunchy, fibrous parts from the chia seeds. It was akin to eating something whole grain.