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oogaa Silicone Baby and Toddler Divided Plate - Pink

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  • TAG : Chef Oogga Booga Season 2 Episode 1
  • Doing these quests gives +dam and +hit bonuses to your barbarian necklace. "ask shaman about awards"
    These also have some reputation requirements. All except Defeat Oogga clears at reinc.

    Barbarian guild used to be at digga's before Runeaxe took leads and moved guild to place where it's now. Our joining place is still in the old guild.
    Oogga used to have axe instead of mace that he has now. And he was normal 1M equmonsie back then.

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    Oogga is coming soon...


    Thank you for your interest in Oogga.

  • Quest rep req difficulty info
    Prove Yourself 700 not very hard You need to solo lots (36?) of over 1k monsters in two hours time. Oogga tells you message every 25% intervals.
    Way of the Warrior 1500 challenging You need to find skull of Groo's father from maze and then portal to find way out. You can solo it but you can also party with couple other barbarians, though then you all need to find your own skulls
    (you can't pick up wrong skull).
    Help Madison 2000 not very hard Begin quest at Thakran, find minotaur and help him to revenge
    Raiding Cevi Village 3600 not very hard sw of Sunderland. Go there, kill men, loot houses, and capture woman until you get quest.
    Stay Alive 5000 challenging You need to survive one hour in a place with lots of aggro trolls (10-50k). From there you find potions that help you. Can be made solo or in barbarian party.
    Defeat Oogga 30000 very hard You can kill oogga only once. He throws out people that are not barbarians, not have enough reputation or already have quest when they try to attack him. When you have this quest you can burn corpses without torch.

With Karen Black, Gregory Blair, Ciarra Carter, Patrick Holder