To initiate and track your pre-paid online return, .

Orders paid for with the Pay in Store payment option can be returned at any Toys

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  • Excellent post as usual, Graham. Our 2012 Online Returns & Refunds Report will be published in the first week of June - we put 229 UK online retailers to the test and although we found some horror stories, many retailers can handle returns of unwanted goods quickly and efficiently.

    One such example, the Shoefitr app, helped an online footwear retailer to . Others are variable in quality, but anything which can help customers to find the right fit, or to find outfits that match has the potential to reduce returns.

  • You can return your order to your local Toys"R"Us or Babies"R"Us location or to our Online Return Centers either by using our Online Pre-Paid Return Label service or on your own. In any of these options, the following should be followed to ensure a timely and complete refund of your return:

    It is estimated that millions of pounds are spent on unwanted Christmas presents every year, so what are your rights when it comes to online returns?

  • Keep in mind that in-store returns need to be easy. A recent multi-channel report from GSI Commerce
    indicated that 76% of consumers cited expensive or lengthy online return or refund procedures as a
    reason for not making a repeat purchase.

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If you haven’t, you are not alone- almost half a million people finally sent in their tax return online on the peak filing day at the end of January last year. With 10.6 million people having been sent a return this year, and with online filing figures last year coming close to 80%, that’s a lot of online returns winging their way towards HMRC right now.