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Sony Z5 Compact is currently £300 on Amazon. Kind of makes life difficult for the iPhone SE with its 16GB base storage.

One Second After (A John Matherson Novel)

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  • Only to every Android user, the iPhone 6s Plus has the better screen to body ratio that’s an opinion share by most iPhone users not just me. The screen should always be in the centre and both bezels must be even which they are not on the Nexus 6 and watching videos or movies on the iPhone 6s Plus is much better with its much better viewing angle than the Nexus 6 due to its hideously uneven bezels .

    We at Android Authority would love to hear what your take is on the issue. Does a product like the iPhone SE stand a good chance at being a smash hit? Should OEMs start thinking more seriously about spectacular-speced small smartphones? Please feel free to take our survey and then leave your comments below!

  • For these people, a small smartphone is something to savor. For these people, the iPhone SE – or perhaps an Android product like it – is exactly what they’ve been waiting for, perhaps for years no less. Maybe it’s time that more OEMs realize that one size doesn’t fit all, and that in order to get more customers, it’s prudent to bring some new size options to the table.

    Logically speaking, it’s doubtful the international decrease in sales has much to do with screen size as will be explained in the following sections, however there could be a point made for the fact that if someone must consider a larger product on the whole, Android is more appealing than Apple. Going back to Mr. Cook’s comments however, it’s clear that a majority of older iPhone users are not necessarily thrilled with the size boost seen in the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus.

  • Chances are if you’ve asked the same kinds of questions to random people using the older iPhones, the answers would be similar. But don’t take my word for it: Tim Cook himself has even drawn emphasis on this issue. In an , the Apple CEO went on record by stating that an estimated 60% of current iPhone users have not upgraded beyond an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S:

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