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Old game system reviews: Original Nintendo Gameboy

Retro Bit Nintendo NES Entertainment System (Silver/Black)

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  • Atari. Super Nintendo. Xbox. What’s next? Video game systems have a come a long way from the days of a simple joystick; they are now technological marvels with innovative functions! As you continue to upgrade to the newest systems, your old systems are left building dust in the dark corner of your garage. What was once the center of your family room, is now defunct and desperately in need of someone to play with. Ever wonder where to donate your old video game systems? Don’t fret, we’re former gamers too and we have the answer!

    Kids in children’s hospitals yearn to feel just like any other child, to have the same active lives that other kids in their community have. These super kids want to play video games too! By donating your old video game systems, you are helping these rock stars have the fun that they deserve.

  • Coaxial is by far the easiest way to connect your old game system, and the method most people will use. This is the 'cable ready' input that is found on every TV made today (and for some time now). If you don't at least have this connection, you have our sympathy. There are several methods you can use for this connection.

    Remember that designated “play time” you had in elementary school? How about when students just wanted to let loose during standardized testing at your high school? Your old video game systems can be used again at your local schools! Who doesn’t want to play a game of Mario Kart in between study sessions at school?

  • If you’re in the Chicago area, check out Zealous Good for where to donate old video game systems. to submit your donation and we’ll find a charity that can benefit.

Drain Storm is a fun puzzle game, ..

Do you still have your old game systems like GameCube, Dreamcast, Playstation 2 or Sega Saturn? Dust it off and play a couple of old games. Your mind will be blown when you see just how terrible the graphics are compared to playing games on new consoles like Wii U, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.