Nintendo DS Lite Ice Blue(ニンテンドーDS Lite アイスブルー)

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Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt / Black

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  • Hi everyone! I'm Vanessa and I'm proud to be one of the newest members of the team here at Nintendo NY! I grew up playing Nintendo, and while I love all the franchises, I really love the Metroid series and Smash Bros series. I also really love animals and lame puns, so feel free to stop in and say hi, or see if you can take Mii on.

    Made with blik Re-Stik™, these movable and reusable decals are based on the same 8-bit graphics from the original Super Mario Bros. game. This is an official Nintendo licensed product.”

  • Hey there, I'm Cory, and I've been an Ambassador here at Nintendo NY for about a year and a half. I'm a huge fan of all things Nintendo, and am prone to fall in love with its quirkier titles, such as Chibi-Robo and the Rhythm Heaven games. Make sure to bring your 3DS if you come visit; my Mii wants to meet your Mii!

    “In late 1985, Super Mario Bros., created by the highly revered Shigeru Miyamoto, came to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) making a splash by ending the two year slump of video game sales in the US. As of 2008, it is the highest selling video game of all time – 40 million copies to date. Its theme music is recognized by gamers and non-gamers alike.

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    Hi there! My name is Rachel and I've been at Nintendo for about 3 years. I play a wide variety of games, but Zelda is my favorite! I look forward to meeting you all.

Happy birthday to you Nintendo!

hey me again, I get what your trying to say with the PS2 is good, as a matter of fact I own one, but I KNOW if you try a good game (like Avalon Code) and not a crappy one (like Elf Bowling 1&2, sorry to people who like them) you might actually LIKE the D.S. Most people who dislike the D.S. are people who played there favorite games on it (In a remake) and think the Nintendo people ruined it. They might have, but that doesn’t mean thy ruined all games! Pick up one from the list above and give it a try, who knows, you might like it!