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These are the instructions for building the LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Baxter Robot Rampage that was released in 2013.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Radio Control Action Figure, 13"

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  • God cares about the little things. The Ninja Turtles and robots were more than toys to Crystal. Her kids did not need them and would have survived if Crystal brought back cars instead. But the Ninja Turtles and robots gave Crystal the feeling that she had provided for her family in a normal way like a normal mom. They gave her dignity. They gave her joy. They gave her hope. Her parental love and will to provide reminded me of God who often grants us the small requests of our hearts. God wants to give us those things that seem insignificant, and yet are deceivingly important. Things like Ninja Turtles and robots.

    As we went to pick up her kids, their faces lit up when they saw her large bag of goodies. Their eyes got big, and their mouths formed into a tiny smiling O's. Crystal was overwhelmed by their joy when she showed them the Ninja Turtles and robots.

  • When it was time to look for toys, we searched the shelves for Ninja Turtles and robots but had no luck. There was a bin on the ground next to the shelves with toys in it, as well. It had been donated so recently that the toys had not even been put on the shelves yet. As we peered in we saw more than one robot and Ninja Turtle sitting at the top of the bin as if they were waiting for Crystal and her kids.

    Whatever is donated on any given day is what Mission Arlington can give out to people in need. Although we try to determine the broad things that people need, it is difficult to provide them with specifics. Mission Arlington could easily provide Crystal and her children with toys, but providing them specifically with Ninja Turtles and robots was a harder task. There were a lot of toys donated each day, but unless someone specifically brought in Ninja Turtles and robots, I was afraid that Crystal’s kids would have to settle for something else.

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