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Pellor Hanging Seat Hammock Swing New Complete Set Kids Therapeutic (Red)

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    We have a new swing set, picnic table and patio at Roosevelt and Hoag. Through coordination with United Way, Johnson and Johnson sent a group of volunteers to build a play area at our largest community. Here there are 7 children under 8 years old. In a days work, these volunteers, set up the swing set, assembled the picnic table, laid a patio with paving stones, cleaned the gutters and painted an entire apartment. We are so thankful.

  • When we moved to our new house, I made Brandon take down the first swing/fort set he built, to bring to our new house. It laid in pieces for months and since the weather was about to get warmer I really wanted him to put it together for the kids to play on. He told me it wouldn’t work because of the way he designed it last time. We decided to build a new one and with some modifications and some new lumber he created a new swing set for the kids. I was excited that I got to help him some on this one! We stayed in the backyard yard all afternoon and evening to finish it. Brandon did such a great job and the kids love their new swings and slide!

    has relased its new swing sets for 2012, and published an extensive new product catalog. The new swing sets have original designs and added play features for even more fun. Kids will enjoy all of the added play benefits and the new features that these swing sets have to offer. Outdoor play is always fun when a swing set is around! Kids of all ages can enjoy being outside swinging, climbing and more on a new jungle gym. Play sets come in all sizes, big or small, for any size yard. Take a look at the new designs to find one that suits your needs and meets your budget.

  • Choosing a new swing set for your home may seem like a large task, but if you pay attention to just a few details, it won’t be hard at all! Here is a short step-by-step approach to choosing a new swing set for your backyard.

Wordless Wednesday ~ The New Swing Set - TheSuburbanMom

My question is – who paid for the darn thing? Honestly, in these struggling economic times, the Obamas would be wise to be setting an example of watching their and OUR spending! Don’t know of too many other families splurging on a new WOW swingset these days. Obama is a fraud – just look at the ridiculous amounts of money this man spent on his campaign, the Denver spectacle, and the inauguration. He just can’t stop the spending spree – now he’s getting at your pocketbook.