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  • In Skylanders SWAP Force, the Skylanders are blasted off their home of Skylands down to Earth by the same volcano that gives them their magic. It also gives them the new swapability powers which they use to save Skylands. My boys especially enjoy swapping tops and bottoms on the new SWAP Force characters to make fun new characters with different abilities. I do get the feeling the 3DS version of the game was made to be shorter than the console version. As far as I can tell from my kids though, it’s still very fun and worth getting! This game is available for 3DS, 2DS, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS3, and PS4.

    The Skylanders Swap Force characters list shows there are many returning favorites, 16 new LightCore figures, and the game will also have 16 all-new Swap Force characters that can do 256 unique character combinations (in total) compared to the regular Skylanders toys!

  • Skylanders Swap Force will be introducing 16 new Swap Force characters and 3 new core characters, as well as supporting the other 100+ existing Skylanders from the first two games. And they all have a new jump ability as well.

    The new Swap Force characters have progressed through a similarly intensive period of focus testing and refinement. "It's funny; this idea started with the idea that all parts of a character would be interchangeable – limbs, heads, and so on," says Hirschberg. "But we found that it actually slowed down the play pattern too much; when we tested that out with kids, there is a sort of visceral immediacy in slamming the toy down on the portal and seeing it appear in the game, and where the puzzle that you have to build in the real world gets too complex and too time-consuming that blows the flow of the game.

  • Activision also shared another new Life Swap Force character, Grilla Drilla, a sweet-looking monkey who flings coconuts rather than poo. Grilla Drilla can unleash a single punch or, if you keep the button pressed, keep his fists grinding speedbag-style to do continuous damage. He can also drill into the ground to leave a “cluster bomb” flower that explodes into smaller flowers that do damage. Think of it like a splash grenade. As mentioned above, Grilla Drilla can also bring in a coconut shooter, and he can summon monkey minions to do his bidding. Frankly, this dude’s awesome.

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Skylanders Swap Force features the all new Swap Force Skylanders. There are 16 of these new Swap Force Characters. These amazing new Skylanders have the ability to mix and match their top and bottom parts to create over 250 new character combinations, each with their unique powers and abilities. However, all 100+ Characters from the previous games can be used in Swap Force.