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The Bridge Direct Strawberry Shortcake Berry Best Friend Plum Pudding With Pitterpatch Fashion Doll, 6-Inch

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  • Sunday August 3rd is National Friendship Day and Strawberry Shortcake wants to help kids celebrate! Share a picture of your favorite girl with her BFF on the Strawberry Shortcake Facebook page– OR @berrybestbits on Instagram or Twitter, and Hashtag with #BerryBestFriend. Five sets of BFFs will be chosen at random and will win a new Strawberry Shortcake doll coming out this Fall!

    Other "improvements" you can look forward to (or not): The company's new Strawberry Shortcake is way skinnier (thanks to a more "fruit-forward" diet), and she has replaced her calico cat with a cell phone. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will make a comeback with "more muscles and less attitude." And over at Disney, even Mickey Mouse will be subjected to a series of tweaks to be named later, not to mention the possible urban renewal on his home, Toontown. "One plan features an old-fashioned trolley," reports the Times, but Disney "is not sure that is a smart idea. Will modern children know what an old-fashioned trolley is?" (Parents, whatever you do, do not take your kids to San Francisco!) Oh, and it gets worse: Warner Bros. will let kids style their Looney Tunes themselves. “You want a dark, Goth version of Tweety Bird? Have at it,” says Warner VP Lisa Gregorian. For God's sake, who wants a Goth Tweety? Would he hang out with the Tasmanian Angel?

  • NEW Strawberry Shortcake FRIEND - Cherry Jam . . Wallpaper and background images in the Strawberry Shortcake club tagged: strawberry shortcake original strawberry glitter character shortcake New friend cherry jam.

    Every time I walk into the store I see strawberries so I started to crave strawberry shortcake! I hope you sit back and enjoy my single serving new strawberry shortcake creation!

  • The Playmates' new product line was met with mixed reactions from the series' fans; however, the line's public reception was generally negative. As a result, Playmates Toys lost the manufacturing rights to , who began releasing new Strawberry Shortcake themed toys beginning in the fall of 2009, after rebooted the franchise.

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