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  • In terms of its online orders, the store only offers free local shipping on orders over S$50. For orders less than that amount, there is a nominal delivery fee of S$6. International shipping is available and rates are either listed on the website or you’ll need to write in to check with them. At the moment, the store carries about 15 brands. However, in addition to selling natural and organic beauty products online, Pure Tincture is also a face boutique with its salon at The Adephi and offers facial services using organic products.

    Bud Cosmetics | Singapore
    is the most established online and retail store for natural and organic beauty products in Singapore. They carry a good selection of brands from skincare, haircare to cosmetics. Although I’ve purchased items from the retail store, I have not tried ordering anything online from them before. However, because of their established reputation, I believe they are reliable.

  • NatureLOVA | Singapore
    is another online store based in Singapore I’ve worked with but not ordered from. They also carry a limited range of natural and organic beauty products, lesser than Bud Cosmetics and Pure Tincture. However, the brands are different from the other two as well so there is no overlap.

    In addition, I also noticed that they now include more brands—over 100 of them! If you visit the store, you’ll notice that they not only categorized their products by brands and types, but also via certification. And oh, they have introduced a beauty box subscription too. Now this really excites me because it’s a beauty box of natural and organic beauty products! I think I might just give the subscription a try soon!

  • Lovelula | UK
    is the first shop I’ve purchased natural and organic beauty products online. It is probably one of the earliest online setup specializing in such products too. I’d shopped with them a couple of times because they carried a variety of brands with reasonable pricing and the shipping wasn’t too expensive. However, I jumped ship when their competitor offered free international shipping. So I’m so glad to know that the store is now offering free shipping locally and internationally.

Mall of natural and organic products "Nisarga " in Thrissur

In Australia there is only ONE way to ensure you are buying a totally natural and organic product this is to look for the logo from an AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) approved organic certification body. This Australian Government department sets guide lines and rules for skincare companies to abide by if they wish to export. To be certified organic a manufacturer must have his formulations and factory approved by an accredited certifying body. This means that all your products must be of natural origin and the organic ingredients MUST be certified and have the appropriate certificates to back this up. The manufacturer is regularly audited with factory inspections and the formulas checked to ensure that every ingredient complies with the legislation and is traceable back to the farm gate, which is certainly not the case with many of the products sold in Australia today. The legislations for organics changed in July last year and the National Standard for Organic and Bio Dynamic Produce now includes a section titled “Cosmetics and Skincare” which can be found on the AQIS website . Basically this sets out the rules and guidelines about what you can and cannot have in your products and what you can and cannot claim on the label. It also stipulates that preservatives can only be from natural sources and no fragrance or parfum may be used.