Instructions for making a nappy cake.

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12 Pack Set - Melamine - Nappie Bowl, White - 15 Ounce

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  • 4. If you are attempting a second layer….then roll six further nappies and secure on top of the first layer…I always use elastic bands in both my nappy cakes and towel cakes. (I pricked my finger so many times when practicing the with the cakes that I ditched all sharp objects!!!)

    When you are happy that the structure is fine….you can start to add the finishing touches to your nappy cake …..ribbons, flowers, butterflies…..let your creative side run…….

  • Now many nappy cakes are decorated with ribbon and presented with the nappies visible and they look lovely, but I wanted to go one step further and cover my “cakes” in “icing” so I drape the sleep-suits/vests or the (deluxe version) bathing apron/blanket over the first layer, and secure with ribbons…..personally I love the idea of the new parents opening the cake to discover all the goodies hidden inside…

    These nappy cakes look absolutely stunning when they are finished and are much nicer than handing a wrapped parcel of baby clothes over to the new parents….

    Hello fellow crafty people.   :)

    I was invited to a baby shower and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try making a Nappy Cake. I've never seen one in New Zealand but had come across them when browsing the internet. This one stands about 48cm (19") tall and is about 35cm (14") across.


    48 Nappies
    1 Baby blanket
    1 Baby shawl
    1 Bib
    6 Baby washcloths
    6 Pairs of socks (3 for 3 months, 3 for 6 months)
    1 Pacifier
    1 Baby bottle
    1 Baby powder
    1 Teether
    1 Rubber ducky (that has a colour-change disc if the water is too hot)
    2 Finger puppets that make sounds
    1 Pram toy
    1 Baby brush and comb set
    1 Soft-touch spoon
    1 Baby on Board sign for the car
    1 Large wooden spoon (for a stirring stick)
    12 Nappy pins.

    The top tier has 4 nappies, the middle tier has 11 and the bottom tier has 33. After each tier was made (by rolling, wrapping and tying the nappies with yarn or ribbon) I wrapped it and secured it with nappy pins. The bottom tier was wrapped in the baby blanket, the middle tier was wrapped in the shawl and the top tier was wrapped in the bib.

    The baby socks were rolled to form rosebuds and the washcloths were rolled to form votive candle shapes and they were placed around the tiers evenly by jamming into the nappies.

    Then the little toys and baby care items were tucked here and there until I found a result that was pleasing. The Baby on Board sign was attached to the spoon-end of the stirring stick and inserted to hold the two top tiers together - at the rear of the top tier so there would be room for the rubber duck.

    Next I attached the pram toy across the front of the bottom tier by securing it with nappy pins. The rubber ducky was placed on top and the spare nappy pins tucked around the top tier to add the finishing touch.

    Bon appetit...  Megan

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    Well that was where the real work set in…..there was not much information out there on how to make a nappy cake??? …. So for what seemed like an eternity I set about playing with nappies!!!

Diaper Cake / Nappy Cake / Baby Cake - Megan

This is one of the ways to make a very special themed nappy cake as a baby shower gift or newborn baby gift. This nappy cake is made to look like a baby pram for a little baby girl.