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  • A high-quality roller cover has a moisture-resistant plastic or phenolic core. These cores don't absorb water and hold their shape. On nap rollers, the nap stays attached to the core better, meaning it won't come loose end up on your wall, even after repeated uses. When using latex paint, look for high-quality synthetic nap materials on nap rollers. There are quality differences between foam rollers as well. Foam rollers have a tendency to leave a cratered finish because of the air bubbles they leave behind. So a denser, more expensive foam works better than a light, cheap foam.

    Regardless of whether you use foam or nap rollers, don't skimp on the quality. Not only will your paint go on more evenly and smoother, clean up will be much easier. While a cheap roller cover gets you out of the paint store with a less expensive bill, a high-quality roller cover helps you finish your paint job faster and with better results. A good quality roller cover lasts longer as well, especially a nap roller cover.

  • This DIY Nap Sack Roll is an indoor sleeping bag with an attached pillow, intended for tots ages two through five. It rolls up for compact storage, and is perfectly portable with a carrying strap. Learning how to make a sleeping bag is not only easy, it offers a portable, easy-to-carry object for bringing to grandma's or any sleepover. Use either fleece or soft, minky fabric to create this comfortable nap sack roll for your child's next sleepover.

    Choosing the correct roller for a paint job makes all the difference in the quality of the outcome. Familiarizing yourself with the different options is a great idea because a one-size-fits-all approach will leave you with less the satisfactory results. There are significant differences between foam rollers and nap rollers. The type of latex paint you're using also needs to be taken into consideration. Gloss, semi-gloss and flat paint roll on differently, depending on the type of roller you're using.

    Aqua and Hot Pink Polka Dot Nap Roll
    Black and Hot Pink Polka Dot Nap Roll
    Cadet Blue and Grassey Green Nap Roll
    Camo Nap Roll
    Chocolate Blooms Nap Roll
    Lime Green and Hot Pink Polka Dot Nap Roll

  • Quilted cotton / poly Nap Roll has a built-in pillow and blanket, plus images of soccer balls, baseball bats, skateboards a great spot to "crash" when young boys get tuckered out.

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My grands are always going to their friends home and visiting family. They love taking their nap roll with them to assure they have a palate to sleep on.